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‘Maybe we’ll become a genre’: Wu-Lu, the punky lo-fi hip-hop star moving fast to transcend labels

You can hear the screaming from across the street. Through the window of a Brixton skate shop, two drummers are pounding away at a kit on a makeshift stage. Miles Romans-Hopcraft, AKA Wu-Lu, is hunched in front, cradling a microphone. The veins on his neck are pulsing as he bellows, while a handful of people surround him with their legs shaking, ready to jump.

When we meet in early July, Romans-Hopcraft has spent the week skating through London clutching a fistful of bright pink stickers bearing the slogan, “Where’s Wu-Lu?” Slapping them on to lamp-posts and blank walls, Romans-Hopcraft has been hinting at the release of his debut album, Loggerhead, with a series of pop-up shows at his favourite spots in the city.

Read the interview in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 16/08/22]

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