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Violinist 4stringz on manifesting success & the importance of representation

Composer and producer 4stringsz has had an innate connection with the violin for as long as he can remember. “The first time I picked one up is one of my earliest memories,” he says. “I was four years old and we had a program at school where we could choose an instrument to take lessons on. There was something about the violin that drew me in. I liked the smell of the wood and the way it felt in my hands – I just took to it.”

Almost 25 years since that first encounter, 4stringsz has built a unique career bridging the gap between disparate genres, all through the virtuosity of his playing. Toting his S-shaped electric violin, 4stringsz has brought the harmonic warmth of orchestral accompaniment to the likes of UK rap royalty Kano, Dave, Headie One and AJ Tracey on international stages as varied as the Brit Awards, Glastonbury and BBC Radio One, while his own production work has spawned underground hits such as rapper Sam Wise’s 2017 track Lizzie.

Read the interview in Composer Magazine.

[This piece was published on 12/09/22]

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