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Music Always Remains : The Nubya Garcia Interview

Nubya Garcia is finally back on tour. After two years of coronavirus-related delays and endless rescheduling, the saxophonist and composer is speaking from her hotel room in Hamburg, on day 24 of her European run.

‘We have another seven days to go and it’s been so amazing playing live again, as well as quite surreal,’ she says, with a mixture of tour exhaustion and adrenaline palpable in her voice. ‘Some audiences are ready from the second you get onstage — they’re really excited to be back — while others have a few barriers up from two years of isolation, so I can see them taking some time before they engage more. Either way, people are ultimately so thankful for the music.’

Read the interview in M Magazine.

[This piece was published on 04/01/22]

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