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Mount Kimbie are forging a new musical identity

Kai Campos and Dom Maker are used to taking their time. As the band Mount Kimbie, the pair have spent the past 14 years crafting three albums that have come to define the esoteric edges of club culture. From the dubby, dawn-light dilations of 2010’s Crooks and Lovers to the fizzing electronica of 2013’s Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, and 2017’s yearning ambiance on Love What Survives, each release feels like the expression of newfound maturity earned by the duo.

“There is a joy and struggle in working over a long period of time,” Campos says. “When you’re 15, you just absorb music – you’re knocking out an album’s worth of material in a month and it’s all so new. As you get older, you want to create from that same place of excitement but it gets harder to reach. When you do get there – it’s special.”

Read the feature in Huck Magazine.

[This piece was published on 07/10/22]

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