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Moses Boyd and Binker Golding share a hidden language

Back in March 2021, saxophonist Binker Golding was in the Bath countryside making an impromptu, nighttime bonfire. The fuel for the fire was a tape containing a recording of a track he had made earlier that day with drummer Moses Boyd.

“We both hated it, but the executive producer Darrel wanted it on the album, so I decided to take things into my own hands and get rid of it,” Golding says. Far from an adolescent prank, it was an act of defiance that spoke of the seriousness with which the pair take their music.

“Darrel was really angry the next day but it is our name that has to be on the thing,” Golding says. “I don’t want my grandchildren to turn around one day and be like, ‘granddad, that track sucks’.”

Read the feature in Huck Magazine.

[This piece was published on 07/02/22]

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