Global music column – July

Keleketla! – Keleketla!

Call and response is a key form in music, from west African drum circles to jazz and hip-hop. It’s a means of musical dialogue, the connection of two differing ideas into a tentative unity. For South African and British collective Keleketla! – meaning “response” in Sepedi – it is the foundation for their self-titled debut album.

The group is led by Coldcut, founders of the record label Ninja Tune, after they were contacted by the Keleketla arts initiative in Johannesburg to collaborate on a record for the charity In Place of War. Johannesburg has developed a reputation for genre-bending releases in recent years, largely thanks to the efforts of pirate-radio-station-turned-label Mushroom Hour Half Hour. As such, Coldcut wisely tapped the label to select instrumentalists for this release, channelling this experimental spirit.

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[This piece was published on 03/07/20]