Global Music Column – August

Duma – Duma

Alongside the burgeoning experimental electronic scene in east Africa is a small but committed underground of metal bands, based in Nairobi. These groups are breathing life into a field hampered by a continued lack of diversity and the preponderance of racist imagery.

Figureheads from this varied scene include melodic headbangers Last Year’s Tragedy, Sabbath-referencing heavy rockers Rash, the chaotic speedcore of Lust of a Dying Breed and the sludgy, driving rock of Kanyeki. Duma, a new duo comprised of Lust of a Dying Breed vocalist Martin Kanja and producer and guitarist Sam Karugu, bridges the gap between the region’s fertile club scene and its moshpit-inducing live bands.

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[This piece was published on 31/07/20]