Treehouse 707 - Quiet

February 2, 2018



January may have continued for what seemed like forever and the long, cold nights aren’t letting up anytime soon. But winter isn’t all doom and gloom. For London-based label and collective Treehouse 707, winter is the inspiration for their latest LP, Quiet. Running at a lengthy 17 tracks, the record evokes its titular mood through hazy drum machine beats, soothing jazz samples, and an ever-present tinkling of Rhodes keys.


The collective clearly takes inspiration from the clattering swing of J Dilla productions, the melodic strength of Nujabes, and the weed-infused funk of Knxwledge tracks – all traits which serve the sketch-like mixtape format well. Featuring their roster of artists, including New York-based Killer Bee, West Coast neo-soul producer Ckwnce, and London’s own AJMW, Quiet is a transatlantic endeavour.


Read the review in Clash Magazine.


[This piece was published on 02/02/18]

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