Yung Singh’s Punjabi Garage Mixes Highlight the Creativity of the South Asian Diaspora

“Brown people don’t get enough credit for what they’ve done for popular culture and its subcultures in the UK,” 24-year-old DJ and producer Yung Singh says. “There is still this stigma attached that we’re not cool, that we don’t do interesting things, when, in fact, there are so many South Asian creatives at the top of their fields in Britain right now.”

Growing up in the Midlands as the youngest child in his house, Singh was raised on the sounds of his parents’ Punjabi LPs, his sisters’ ‘90s house and jungle records, and the nascent commercial success of the so-called Asian Underground—a group of artists including the likes of Panjabi MC and Bally Sagoo, who blended bhangra songs with the soundsystem music of British inner cities.

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[This piece was published on 19/05/21]