'You need to lower your expectations': top tips from Indian Matchmaking

“Compromise and adjustment is what I tell all my clients – you need to lower your expectations,” says Sima Taparia. Speaking over video call from Mumbai, one of India’s most well-known matchmakers is telling me what I, apparently, need to hear if I am to find a wife.

Taparia has been matchmaking wealthy Indian singletons for the past 15 years across the globe, counting some 800 families in her database and resulting in more than 125 marriages. Hers is an arranged marriage service, harnessing the practice of parents pairing their adult offspring with those of other, vetted families usually of a similar class and caste. Her process is thorough: she visits her clients at home, interviewing them on their requirements and lifestyle, as well as speaking to their parents before consulting an astrologer on their horoscopes and then feeding this information into her database to find a potential match. Taparia has essentially commercialised the practices of south Asian aunties and grandparents around the world, forever touting their eligible young relatives.

Read the interview in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 22/07/20]