The people who matchmake their own parents: ‘Looking back, it was a rash thing to do'

When he was widowed after almost 35 years of marriage, it seemed as if my dad might not find anyone else to love again. My mum was his first relationship, he had no experience of dating and, even if he had, the dating ecosystem had changed out of all recognition since the days of my parents’ romance in the 70s. There were, of course, plenty of dating apps, subscription sites, singles’ activities and old-fashioned blind dates to contend with, but for him the choice was overwhelming. He would rather have settled for being alone.

Five years after my mum’s death, however, with our father’s stubborn reluctance well and truly established, my brother and I decided to take matters into our own hands. Taking advantage of the effects of the wine we had drunk for his birthday dinner, we downloaded Lumen – an app marketed as “Tinder for over-50s” – to his phone. Then we did an impromptu photoshoot and employed our best copywriting skills to sell him to the lucky ladies in a 10-mile vicinity.

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[This piece was published on 17/02/20]