Lockdown with Limmy: Trucking, tweeting and the joy of Mrs Brown's Boys

Brian Limond is coping remarkably well with the coronavirus lockdown. “I don’t like going out, so I never really leave the house,” he says over the phone from his Glaswegian abode. “Staying in is fine by me.”

It’s a mantra which has come to shape his decade-long career producing some of television’s most irreverent and obscure comedy. Starting out with a series of short-form online sketches filmed largely alone in his house, Limond – aka Limmy – built a cult following hooked on his malleable face, wry observations and pitch-black humour. In 2010 he released the first season of Limmy’s Show on BBC Scotland and introduced recurring characters such as the chronically paranoid stoner Dee Dee, the recovering heroin addict Jacqueline and fantasy gamer Falconhoof. Three seasons on, with three books under his belt – two short story collections and his autobiography, published in 2019 – he is returning to his housebound roots with the first full season of Limmy’s Homemade Show.

Read the interview in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 07/04/20]