‘I’m addicted a bit to saying what I think’: Self Esteem and Lucy Prebble in conversation

The first time writer Lucy Prebble met singer-songwriter Rebecca Lucy Taylor, AKA Self Esteem, they both walked out of the West End play they had just been watching. “It wasn’t a bad play, we just wanted to talk to each other,” Prebble laughs as she recounts the story. “So if people leave my own plays from now on, I’m not going to assume that they hate it, I’m going to assume that life is more interesting.”

That meeting was back in 2017, and since then the pair have discovered they have much in common: they both began their careers in Sheffield; they share a passion for the theatre – provided it holds their attention sufficiently – and they are both successful and uncompromising women in traditionally male-dominated creative industries.

Read the feature in the Observer.

[This piece was published on 24/10/21]