Global Music Column – October

Quantic and Nidia Góngora – Almas Conectadas

Hailing from Timbiquí, a small gold-panning community on the Pacific coast of Colombia, folk singer Nidia Góngora’s music is intimately connected with the natural world. Traditionally, women who sift soil on the riverside accompany their work with songs of a centuries-old oral tradition; when this music is recorded, the instrumentation tends to mirror the surrounding sounds – drums for crashing waves, marimba for lapping water and shaker for the rain.

Combining Góngora’s artful, acoustic compositions with the arrangements of electronic producer Will Holland, AKA Quantic, might seem a strange proposition. Yet, after hearing Góngora’s music while living in the Colombian city of Cali, Holland approached the singer and produced a dancefloor-focused reworking of her music on the 2017 album Curao. The pair’s latest offering, Almas Conectadas (Connected Souls), takes a softer approach, highlighting Góngora’s full-throated timbre with orchestral embellishments.

Read the feature in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 17/09/21]