'Can Tony Soprano make me a better parent?': the lessons we've learned from lockdown TV


I am a Pisces, which – if you believe in the eminently sketchy world of astrology – means that my personality should be categorised by an “artistic temperament”, “empathy” and “sensitivity.” In other words, I should be an emotional mess prone to sharing said traits through a thinly-disguised medium, like writing for instance.

I wondered whether Dylan Witter, the forlorn, the heart-on-his-sleeve protagonist of sitcom Lovesick was a Pisces when I first started watching the show. Initially aired in Channel 4 in 2014 – and bearing the visionary title Scrotal Recall – the sitcom tells the story of downtrodden Dylan (played by a shaggy-haired Johnny Flynn) tracking down his past sexual partners to tell them he has recently contracted chlamydia. I did not think Dylan was a Pisces because of his STI, but rather because of the way the show’s meandering anthology episodes gave viewers a hilarious insight into his damaging pattern of relationships.

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[This piece was published on 07/05/20]