One to Watch – Joe Armon-Jones

Go to one of the many headline jazz shows happening in London and across the country now and you’re likely to see an unassuming man sat hunched over a keyboard at the back of the stage. His shoulder-length ginger hair might be scraped into a ponytail, he will be bobbing his head, and it is certain that his hands will be flying over the keys, constantly injecting new ideas into the mix.

This is Joe Armon-Jones. Founding member of the group Ezra Collective, as well as a longtime collaborator of saxophonist Nubya Garcia and producer Maxwell Owin, Armon-Jones, 26, has his fingers in many pies. His style is unmistakable though – an endless capacity for finding skewed ways in and out of phrases, much like Herbie Hancock, and an ingrained sense of rhythm.

Read the feature in the Observer New Review.

[This piece was published on 29/06/19]