Why do Britons have fewer close friends than people in any other country?

How many close friends is too many? In Britain, it seems to be a question of why we don’t have more. A global study of 10,000 people by Snapchat has found that Britons have fewer “best friends” – 2.6 on average – than those in other countries. In Saudi Arabia, participants reported 6.6 best friends on average. But do we really need any more?

According to the MIT Technology Review, humans can cope with a maximum of five friends in their closest friendship circle. Meanwhile, Robin Dunbar, a psychologist at the University of Oxford, found in a 2016 study of 27,000 European phone-call logs that, on average, each person studied had 4.1 intimate relationships. So, how does the amount of close friends we have affect our lives? We took to the streets to find out.

Read the feature in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 25/06/19]