Five ways to stop feeling overwhelmed by the news

Limit the time spent reading news

“Headline anxiety” is a growing problem. A report from Ofcom last weekfound that 78% of Britons are concerned about their internet use, while more than half of Americans surveyed by the American Psychological Associationin 2017 said the political environment was a significant source of stress. Psychoanalytical psychotherapist Prof Brett Kahr says: “People are overwhelmed and bombarded by every type of communication. You can feel like a dartboard, being hit by little shards of news – none of which is personalised or compassionate, so it can feel like a psychologically persecutory experience.” One way to reduce the impact of the non-stop news cycle is to use screen-time trackers, available on iOS and Android, to limit the time you spend reading or watching the news on your mobile.

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[This piece was published on 02/06/19]