How one bereaved son is helping to change how family killings are reported

When Ryan Hart’s father killed his mother, Claire, and sister, Charlotte, three years ago, the family’s anguish was compounded by a slew of insensitive media coverage.

Articles quoted neighbours saying Ryan’s father was “the nicest guy you could ever meet” and that his parents were the “loveliest couple”. In one instance, the domestic homicide was described as being “understandable”.

“There was a rush to excuse our father’s actions in the media and to sympathise with him that showed a complete misunderstanding of coercively controlling men,” Ryan says.

“They don’t abuse their neighbours, they target their abuse at the family and put a facade on to the outside world. We shouldn’t be surprised when murdering men appear to be normal men because that’s how they’ve kept their control of their family hidden for so long.”

Read the feature in the Guardian.

[This piece was published on 03/4/19]