Today in Focus

I have been co-producing on the Guardian's flagship daily news podcast, Today in Focus.

List of episodes produced:

Is the anti-vaccine movement putting lives at risk? [published on 07/01/19]

Deal or no deal: where next for Brexit? [published on 09/01/19]

Who will pay for Donald Trump's border wall? [published on 11/01/19]

China's Muslim detention camps [published on 14/01/19]

The great Brexit rebellion [published on 16/01/19]

How Brexit unravelled [published on 17/01/19]

Is there a Democrat who can oust Donald Trump? [published on 18/01/19]

What can we do, right now, about climate change? [published on 21/01/19]

Deadly air: driving a rickshaw in Delhi [published on 23/01/19]

Going viral: the victims of online conspiracy theories [published on 28/01/19]

Order! Order! Speaker John Bercow and Brexit [published on 29/01/19]

Venezuela crisis: can Maduro ride out Guaidó’s challenge? [published on 30/01/19]

Disaster in the Australian outback [published on 01/02/19]

Escape from Syria: the boys stranded after Isis fall [published on 06/02/19]

Will the EU stop a no-deal Brexit? [published on 08/02/19]

My mother killed my father, but I want her freed [published on 20/02/19]

Racism in Britain: what has changed since the Stephen Lawrence inquiry? [published on 22/02/19]

Searching for my sister: America's missing indigenous women [published on 25/02/19]

The fall of Cardinal George Pell [published on 28/02/19]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: can the new star of the US left help beat Trump? [published on 04/03/19]

Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism [published on 11/03/19]