The Briefing – 2019

A year is much more than just 365 days, or one orbit of the Earth around the sun. One year produces so many events and human stories that in 2018 alone, the Guardian published more than 73,000 news articles.

Much of what happens is unpredictable. But with 2019 only hours old, there are a few things that can confidently be foretold.

Politics and Elections

Brexit may be clear as mud, but if it’s making you queasy then here are a few fixed political points in the year to steady the balance.

It’s a busy year for elections, with four of the world’s most populous democracies holding votes.

Europe holds parliamentary elections from 23-26 May to elect 705 new MEPs. Watch closely to see how well the populist far-right does. It’s been gaining ground across the continent, but will the attentions of Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart and the Trump White house, help or hinder?

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[This piece was published on 01/01/19]