The Restless Inventiveness of Andrea Keller

Melbourne, Australia-based pianist Andrea Keller creates jazz in its broadest sense—as an improvised music. During her two-decade career, Keller’s improvisations have encompassed everything from big-band work to electronics and reimaginings of compositions by Wayne Shorter and Arvo Pärt.

Her latest pair of releases are typically stark in their differences. One interprets the work of Polish pianist/composer Krzysztof Komeda and encompasses his plaintive softness, as well as his cinematic grandeur. The other, a live recording of an experimental quintet, Andrea Keller’s Five Below, draws on everything from doom metal to minimalism.

Keller recently spoke to DownBeat about her influences, restless inventiveness and the everlasting appeal of improvisation.

Read the interview in DownBeat Magazine.

[This piece was published on 27/12/18]