The Internet - Hive Mind

The Internet’s name alludes to the tight yet far-reaching connection between the five-piece LA band, but it’s the individual members’ solo projects that have distinguished them recently. Lead singer Syd released her debut, Fin, last year – a nocturnal collection of intimate R&B – while keyboardist Matt Martians and guitarist Steve Lacy also put out groove-heavy efforts in 2017; the latter came on the heels of the 20-year-old’s production for Pride on Kendrick Lamar’s album Damn. Martians and Syd started their careers in a group setting, though – the hip-hop collective Odd Future – and therefore have experience of smartly interweaving solo projects with collaborative playing, alongside talents such as Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean.

On their fourth album, Hive Mind, the slick R&B – borrowing heavily from Timbaland and Pharrell – and languorous vocals of previous records Purple Naked Ladies, Feel Good and Ego Death remain. More so, though, Hive Mind feels like a showcase of the band’s individual talents; Patrick Paige II delivers the nonchalant bassline on lead single Roll (Burbank Funk), Syd’s silken falsetto adorns the half-time groove of Come Together, and Martians plays out the same number with a skit inspired by the frantic synth-bass of Thundercat.

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[This piece was published on 20/07/18]