Onyx Collective - Lower East Suite Part Three

New York-based jazz group Onyx Collective have certainly found ample inspiration in their hometown over the past two years. Having released two EPs last year as part of their Lower East Suite and now completing it with their third, the collective has crafted a sonic identity from the improvised distillation of their urban surroundings.

The first two EPs showcased a raft of guest appearances, from guitarist Nick Hakim to producer Blood Orange and rapper Princess Nokia, while the compositions themselves were entirely improvised, resulting in tracks that veered from balladic melody to bleary distortion, rapid bebop, and the punk aesthetic. For the third part of the Lower East Suite, however, the collective reverts to its core five-piece arrangement and each track has been written and composed by bandleader and saxophonist Isaiah Barr. The result is a record that feels as cohesive as it is experimental.

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[This piece was published on 12/06/18]