First Light - An Interview with Daniel Avery

After five years spent travelling the world touring his debut album, Drone Logic, Daniel Avery has seen his fair share of clubs and witnessed the spectrum of hedonism that lies therein: from transcendence to debauchery.

Some might take the influence of the club and translate it into pure reaction, crafting songs designed only for the dancefloor to give their audiences the cathartic release they demand. Yet, Avery is no typical DJ. He took his DJing experience and patiently crafted a new record as informed by the moments of silence that lie within and between the cacophony as by the cacophony itself. Song for Alpha is an album made as much for the oneiric, sunrise journey home as it is for the dark of the night.

In the middle of another album tour and busy festival season – playing sets that often span the four or even eight-hour mark – we spoke to Avery about the club as an escapist community, creating machine music with a human soul, and the introspection of maturity.

Read the interview in Clash Magazine.

[This piece was published on 23/04/18]