Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha

With the release of his debut LP Drone Logic in 2013, Daniel Avery established himself as a creature of the night. Full of eerie, gloaming synths, acid bass and incisive rhythm, Drone Logic was a record formulated in and aimed at the dancefloor.

After five years of touring though, his latest album, Song For Alpha, inhabits a more liminal space. Informed by the solipsism and transience of being on the road, Song For Alpha presents emotive ambience as an equal counterpart to mechanic grid-music. Where Drone Logic may have felt at home on a 3am dancefloor, Song For Alpha is the end of the night - leading either to the after party or the pensive, hazy journey home.

Opener ‘First Light’ encapsulates this atmosphere perfectly with its oneiric synths and washes of melody. Movement is ever-present, yet it is tantalisingly deferred like on ‘Projector’ and ‘Citizen//Nowhere’ whose undulating rhythms are felt as if through the lassitude of a comedown.

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[This piece was published on 02/04/18]