In Conversation - Rival Consoles

Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles, is a producer concerned with the inherent humanity and emotion of electronic music. Through washes of analogue synths, rattling drum machines, bright melodies and susurrating reverb, West defies the mechanic impulse of the dancefloor and instead utilises his electronics as a means of introspection and expression.

The first signee to Robert Raths’ Erased Tapes label, West’s productions have as much in common with the plaintive piano compositions of his label mate Nils Frahm, as they do with the propulsive orchestrations of Four Tet or Floating Points.

Intricately layered, yet often composed through improvisation, his latest LP Persona is a solipsistic exploration of the sounds that make up the self. As a result, the record encompasses everything from the cathartic top-line synths of the rave, to vivid solo melodies and the eerie fuzz of sub-heavy basslines.

Ahead of his album launch at London’s XOYO in April and his appearance at this summer’s Gottwood Festival, we spoke to West about his artistic inspiration for the record, the importance of conflict in art, and the enduring appeal of ambience.

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[This piece was published on 07/03/18]