Call Super - Arpo

As a descendent from six generations of painters, for Joe Seaton, aka Call Super, creativity must be genetic. Seaton initially studied to become a visual artist himself but when he became frustrated with the lack of immediacy and abundance of space needed to paint, he found music. Releasing his first EP, Staircase, in 2014, Seaton has since made a name for himself with his distinct brand of muted electronics, culminating in his latest album Arpo.

Yet, his tendency towards the aesthetic still manifests in using his father’s work as cover art for his debut album, 2014’s Suzi Ecto, as well as for Arpo. Where Suzi Ecto’s cover is a brusque close-up of cross-shaped marks, interrupted by black blotches, Arpo is subdued in its rusted red streaks which reveal a materiality in their softened irregularity. In other words, with a Call Super album, you can judge the work by its cover. Suzi Ecto, a record responding to the death of one of Seaton’s best friends, translates its challenging cover art into the guttural scrapes of tracks like “Hoax Eye” and “Fold Again At Last.” Contrastingly, Arpo is almost serene, moving through ambience, jazz quotation, and dancefloor moments.

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[This piece was published on 28/11/17]