5 Sets You Should Catch At Simple Things 2017

Now in its seventh year, Simple Things has become not only a Bristol institution but one of the UK’s most consistently forward-thinking festivals, showcasing only the finest of warped instrumentals, DJ selections, hedonistic noise, and lyrical barrage for one Saturday every October.

With this year’s line-up being just as varied as previous editions, including the likes of indie darlings Wild Beasts, techno originator Juan Atkins, Syrian vocalist Omar Souleyman, and trance purveyor Lorenzo Senni, we’ve put together a shortlist of vital acts to see you through on the 21st October.

1. Clark

Warp Records’ Clark embodies a true sense of artistic creativity. Having released his debut LP, Clarence Park, in 2001, he has since gone on to create a prolific flurry of forbidding productions, emotive soundscapes, and testing mind-melters. This year’s Death Peak, his ninth full-length release, is an exploration of a heavier, rave influenced sound replete with hardware synths, punchy drum programming and euphoric melody. In the midst of an extensive live tour of the record, his Simple Things show is bound to be an audio-visual assault for those keen to leave their inhibitions at the door.

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[This piece was published on 18/10/17]