Ninos du Brasil - Vida Eterna

It’s not often you come across albums that are professedly inspired by vampirism. Yet such is the case with the third LP from Italian production duo Ninos du Brasil, Vida Eterna. Adorned with cover art from British artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s Bat Opera series, the oil-painted, fang-bearing bat that stares out at the listener heralds a nocturnal journey into eight tracks of industrial techno, leering vocals, and Brazilian batucada.

Nico Vascellari and Nicolo Fortuni met amid the frantic performances of the 90s punk scene, both playing in the band With Love, and they bring a punkish disregard for categorisations or commercial pressures to their work as Ninos du Brasil. The pair are both also successful visual artists. Hence in Vida Eterna the aesthetic meets the brutal and unforgiving, and narrative structure meets ambiguity and obfuscation.

Opener ‘O Vento Chama Seu Nome’ - ‘The Wind Calls Your Name’ in Portuguese - places the listener directly in the warped vampiric naturalism of the record’s cover art, combining an undulating, bass-heavy samba rhythm with eerily whispered vocals that evoke the mood. It is seamlessly sequenced into ‘No Meio Da Noite’, where the batucada samba rhythms come to the fore as vocals effervesce and techno influences emerge in the acid sounds of a Roland TB-303 synth.

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[This piece was published on 05/10/17]