Shigeto - The New Monday

From Motown to techno, Detroit seems to have a musical magnetism built within its industrial infrastructure. Recent years and the catastrophic decline of the city’s finances have, however, seen something of a mass artistic exodus, with musicians like DJ Stingray and Gerald Donald moving to Europe, and Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, moving to Brooklyn. While hardship may be typical impetus for creativity, it seemed like economic circumstance was finally suffocating the city’s artistic identity. Yet, collectives like Moodymann’s Mahogani Music and artists such as Amp Fiddler and DJ Bone remained resolutely Detroit, proving that their output could not be separated from the city’s cultural character. Now, Shigeto releases The New Monday, a love letter to the city of his birth and home once again.

The record takes its name from Saginaw’s weekly club residency, Monday is the New Monday, and as such combines an array of musical influences, reflecting the diverse selection policy at the Detroit night. An accomplished drummer as well as producer, Saginaw’s work has always touched on the intersections between acoustic improvisation and the studio science of electronics, creating work that lines the imaginative framework of jazz instrumentation with weighty subs, washes of synth reverb and programmed beats. His fourth LP, released four years after the last, No Better Time Than Now, The New Monday is a coherent continuation of Saginaw’s work.

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[This piece was published on 29/09/17]