Chasing Trane - An Interview with John Scheinfeld

Analysing and placing the gargantuan legacy of a revered artist into a coherent narrative is a daunting task. Though having already created in-depth documentaries on icons such as John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, and Bette Midler, writer-director John Scheinfeld is something of an expert in the field.

Rooting his story in conflicting themes of addiction, spirituality, and an eternal fidelity to the music, Scheinfeld paints a nuanced picture of the man behind the seminal sounds. Comprising interviews with musicians, family members, and even ex-President Bill Clinton, as well as rare home footage and recorded performances, all narrated by Denzel Washington, Chasing Trane is a perfect primer to Coltrane’s life, career and legacy.

We spoke to John ahead of a London screening to talk about the challenges of interpreting a mythologized life, the narrative of Coltrane’s music, and the artists carrying on his legacy today.

Read the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This piece was published on 12/09/17]