An Interview with Omahrose

The creative process is often one of refinement and reinvention, a gestural endeavor dependent on audience reaction. It is provisional and ever-changing. It is rare, then, to come across a debut offering from an artist that sounds so concrete, unified, and confident. Such is the case with London-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Phillips, aka Omahrose.

Centering her sound on a confluence of acoustic warmth, nocturnal electronics, and layered vocal harmony, Omahrose mixes soul and R&B influences with a narrative-driven songwriting that is at once personal and yet captivatingly familiar. Her first single, ‘Hostel’, taken from her forthcoming EP Edge, is an insidious tale of retribution, a languorous slow-jam with a Hollywood noir sensibility. Other tracks, such as ‘Bad Mouth’, confront the difficulty of self-expression, while the unifying factor throughout is Omahrose’s crystalline vocal and assertive message of defiance.

In anticipation of the EP’s release at the end of the month, we spoke with Omahrose about her formative influences, her propensity for inhabiting a precipice, and negotiating a male-dominated industry as an independent female artist.

Read the interview on London in Stereo.

[This piece was published on 06/09/17]