Next Wave - Jain

Multiculturalism runs in Jain's blood. Born to French and Madagascan parents, she spent her childhood living in Toulouse, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Republic of Congo. Constantly moving home, she absorbed elements of the cultures she lived in, learning the darbuka (an Arabic percussion instrument) in Dubai, the drums in France, and beat-making in the Congo.

Putting this musical knowledge to use, Jain wrote songs to cope with continual relocation. “When you're a teenager, it's very hard to always move because you leave your friends, your way of living,” she explains. “And that's why I started writing, to express these feelings of loneliness.” These songs, personal records of Jain's life, form her debut album Zanaka, a work that has caught the ears of Chris Martin, Jaden Smith and others.

Her first single 'Come', written at 16, hit Number One on the French charts in 2015. A love letter to friends left behind in Dubai, the song displays a characteristic mix of influences including country guitar riffs, funk bass and reggae pulses. “I just write my everyday life,” Jain says, “I heal myself when I write and that's why there is a lot of hope in my songs.”

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[This piece appeared in the Summer Issue of Clash Magazine]