Searching for the Spirit: In Conversation with Mndsgn

In the three years since his 2014 debut LP release, Yawn Zen, on Stones Throw, Ringgo Ancheta, aka Mndsgn, has staked his claim as one of the most imaginative producers in hip-hop and beyond. Where Yawn Zen saw Mndsgn explore the fractal landscapes of instrumental soulful ambience, sludgy beats, and airy vocal textures, last year’s follow-up Body Wash was a leap forward in terms of extending tracks beyond beat motifs into song-writing territory. Replete with Mndsgn’s own falsetto vocals and lyrical narrative pushed to the fore, backed by funk synth, slow-jam slap bass, and atmospheric guitars, the record showcased Mndsgn taking on the role of performer as well as producer.

With a new release for Stones Throw in the works, as evinced by the upbeat disco glory of latest single ‘GOTEEM!’, and in the midst of a hectic touring schedule and release roster for his label Akashik Records, Mndsgn isn’t set to be slowing down anytime soon. We spoke to the man himself about West Coast creativity, finding inspiration in the connectivity of lived experience, and realising your own voice.

Read the interview on Hyponik.

[This piece was published on 14/08/17]