Spiritual Techno: An Interview with Moa Pillar

Introspection is inspiration for Fedor Pereverzev, aka Moa Pillar. Rising to prominence in the early 2000s with the hyper-synthesised, crystalline music of 8-bit and chiptune, Pillar swiftly moved on to become a figurehead for the Russian beats scene, emulating the twisted hip hop beats of America’s West Coast. All this while still a teenager, Moa Pillar has since hardened and darkened his sound as he has gotten older, reflecting the brutalist structures of his hometown Moscow and increasingly operating in the spaces between noise and melody, rhythm and blast.

With his debut LP, Humanity, receiving a release in 2015 from experimental label Full of Nothing, Moa Pillar established himself as one of the most inventive new voices of Russian electronic music. Tracks like 'Chants' sprawl over eleven minutes, densely layering bright melodies with rough techno and industrial blare to create pure dancefloor catharsis. His latest record, Hymns, is due for release later this month and sees a maturation in Moa Pillar’s sound, weaving together euphoric, almost choral synth textures and bass-driven rhythms to create a work inspired by transcendent spirituality and the belief in solipsism as a means of looking outwards into the world. Here, Pillar reflects on his journey into music making, creativity as truthful self-expression, and the club as religious experience.

Read the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This piece was published on 18/07/17]