DJ Stingray - Kern Vol. 4

Not all heroes wear capes – some wear ski masks too. One such veiled hero is Detroit’s DJ Stingray, AKA Sherard Ingram. Making his name as the tour DJ for aquatic techno legends Drecxiya in the 1990s, he has since cemented his status as one of the finest manipulators of a stack of vinyl and an attendant crowd.

If you haven’t been to a Stingray show yet, prepare to sweat. Paying homage to the Drexciyan Afrofuturist mythology, which places their music as the cultural documentation of a subaqueous warrior-race of children miraculously birthed by enslaved mothers drowned in the Middle Passage, Stingray’s sets are a trip. By trip I mean a physical and mental journey – into the mind, into unconsciousness, into the humid intermediary between moving bodies that is the club-space.

Sonically, his selections are aggressively precise, mechanic and relentlessly grooving, keeping the BPM high, the melody minimal and the percussion ever-present. Having released his own productions on a variety of labels including Viennese techno repository Pomelo, Lorenzo Senni’s Presto?!, and Moodymann’s Mahogani music, DJ Stingray now steps up to helm the fourth volume in Berlin club Tresor’s Kern mix series.

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[This piece was published on 17/07/17]