Glenn Astro x Ajnascent - Even

Crate-digger, DJ, label head, and producer, Berliner Glenn Astro is a man of many talents. Having started his career in the early years of this century as a hip-hop DJ, Astro soon found a kindred musical spirit in Max Graef and began producing noodling, jazz-infused works with a dragged-back hip-hop mentality. Releasing his first LP in 2015, Throwback, last year saw an upbeat, twitchy collaborative release with Graef on Ninja Tune, The Yard Work Simulator, and now the mini-LP, Even, with relative newcomer and label-mate Ajnascent.

In fact, the pair go beyond just being label-mates; they both attended the same high school and have been friends since their teens. Channelling this shared history then, Even is a record that relies on inter-connectivity, comprising six tracks of studio jams. As a DJ, Glenn Astro has always leaned heavily on the jazz canon, throwing rare cuts and experimental gems into his club sets, and in Even he brings these latent influences to the fore.

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[This piece was published on 11/07/17]