Jitwam - whereyougonnago?

It takes a period of gestation for an artist to develop their voice and for Brooklyn-based and Indian-born producer Jitwam it’s been a patient number of years. Since quietly releasing his debut EP in 2013 – a spaced-out, introspective, Reginald Omas Mamode-style affair – he has gone on to feature on Moodymann’s 2016 DJ-Kicks compilation, as well as performing guest vocals on Paul White’s Shaker Notes LP on R&S. Elusive as ever, Jitwam is finally set to drop his debut album in August.

First, though, is a taster of things to come: a four-track EP released on TheJazzDiaries. The lead single, ‘whereyougonnago?’ – coincidentally, also the title of Jitwam’s feature with Paul White – moves on from the glitchy jazz-soul stylings of his previous single ‘keepyourbusinesstoyourself’.

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[This piece was published on 27/06/17]