Straight Up - An Interview with Etta Bond

Since releasing her first EP on OddChild records in 2012, London-based singer-songwriter Etta Bond has carved out a unique space for her straight-talking personal commentary.

Set to the backing of a luxuriant yet pointed voice, she follows in the lineage of Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah and Erykah Badu, pairing a keen sense of stoned swing with a lyrical message centred around empowering her fellow women. 'Seen and Never Heard' (2015) was an anthem giving voice to those objectified and silenced by their male counterparts. While her latest release, 'Kiss My Girlfriend', is the first single to be taken from a forthcoming EP and tells of the power and beauty of female relationships, informed by a hip-hop swagger.

Her latest single, 'Addiction' – a twinkling, Rhodes-heavy meditation on infatuation – is released today (listen below). To celebrate, Etta talks MySpace linkups, collaborative relationships, and the importance of writing messages of self-empowerment.

Read the rest of the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This piece was published on 16/06/17]