Stevie Parker - Next Wave #778

Since her first, tentative performance as a solo vocalist aged 15 - at a school competition - singer-songwriter Stevie Parker has emerged with an understated aesthetic of simplicity, soul, and fragility in her music.

Having introduced the world to the breathy vocals and down-tempo soundscapes of her debut EP, Blue, last year, she’s developed a following fixated with her narratives of raw emotion.

Stevie cites the autobiographical songwriting of artists such as Amy Winehouse and the independence of PJ Harvey as influences in her music. “I really admire artists who speak the truth and sing from their experience,” she explains, stating that in her own music, she “never lost that fragility and innocence; I’ve always been drawn to the honesty of depicting a situation how it really is - warts and all.”

Despite encouraging a “looseness and impressionistic approach” in recording Blue, a personal theme resonates throughout. “These songs are about melancholy and the unfulfilled potential of relationships,” Stevie states, resulting in the confessional of ‘Better Off’ and cinematic sweep of ‘The Cure’.

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[This piece was published in the Spring 2017 issue of Clash Magazine]