An Interview with London O'Connor

From skating to couch-surfing, London O’Connor has spent much of his life on the move. Escaping the suburban boredom of his upbringing in Southern California to move to New York, he enrolled at the prestigious Clive Davis Institute and found himself a muse for teen road trip photographer Ryan McGinley, as well as sleeping on the couch of the Sonic Youth and Public Enemy producer Nick Sansano. It was Sansano who recently remastered O’Connor’s self-produced debut O∆, an anthology of lo-fi slacker tunes, recorded on equipment that fit into his couch-surfing backpack. In its narrative-driven simplicity, O∆ has gained O’Connor a following of similarly disaffected kids from the middle of nowhere, many of whom text and call him on his publicly available number – the same one we used to contact him. Having recently played his debut headline show in his namesake city, O’Connor documented life on the road for us in a series of iPhone images below.

Read the rest of the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This piece was published on 13/09/17]