Spontaneous Production: An Interview with Glenn Astro and Ajnascent

Crate-digger, DJ, label head, and producer, Berliner Glenn Astro is a man of many talents. Having started his career as a hip-hop DJ, Astro soon found a kindred musical spirit in Max Graef and began producing noodling, jazz-infused works with a dragged-back hip-hop mentality. Releasing his first LP in 2015, Throwback, last year saw an upbeat collaborative release with Graef on Ninja Tune, The Yard Work Simulator, and now the forthcoming mini-LP Even with Ajnascent.

Comprising six tracks of largely improvised studio jams, Even brings Astro’s latent jazz influences to the fore, as well as showcasing the talents of relative newcomer and label-mate, Ajnascent. Tracks like ‘Диско’ combine Rhodes keys with a grooving rhythm to conjure Roy Ayers at his best, whilst ‘Nefastis Machine’ brings the listener back into the frenetic, drum-heavy territory of Yard Work. Ultimately, Even is a satisfying synthesis of spontaneous live instrumentation coupled with electronic textures.

We spoke to the two producers about their days as high school classmates, the art of collaboration, and mixing genres.

Read the interview on Hyponik.

[This piece was published on 25/05/17]