In Conversation: Nick Hakim

Since the release of his two-part debut EP, ‘Where Will We Go’, in 2014, singer-songwriter Nick Hakim has steadily built a loyal following enamoured with his quietly powerful voice, emotive lyricism and capacity to evoke an atmospheric intimacy in his productions. His time spent playing small capacity clubs and bars distils into the songs he writes, creating the uncanny feeling that it’s only you he’s singing to in your headphones.

Next month Hakim will be releasing his debut album, ‘Green Twins’, a work of depth that builds on the soft intensity of his EPs, furnishing that same sonic mood with an added sense of openness and confidence. The record is not only louder and brighter but is one full of tracks destined for the larger rooms Hakim can fill now as a headline act.

Before one such sold out show in London, we spoke about childhood influences, using music to overcome personal challenges, and finding a home amidst the hectic labyrinth that is New York.

Read the interview in Clash Magazine.

[This feature was originally published on 01/05/17]