Perc - Bitter Music

Ali Wells, AKA Perc, is perhaps the most trusted voice in UK techno.

Since his first releases in the early 2000s, experimenting with the heavier side of tribal dance and rave, Wells established his label Perc Trax and began curating a roster of artists that illustrated a particularly British aptitude for condensing grey skies and brutalist architecture into austere, thudding sounds. Since those early days, Perc has built his label into one of the UK’s foremost independent outlets, releasing artists such as Truss and Forward Strategy Group, as well as his own singles and LPs. Wells’ third LP, Bitter Music, following on from 2011’s Wicker & Steel and 2014’s The Power and the Glory, is the latest incarnation of this exploration of the techno genre.

While The Power and the Glory was notable for its distorted aggression and frantic intensity, bringing to mind a dystopian soundscape on tracks like ‘Take Your Body Off’, ‘Dumpster’ and ‘David and George’, on first listen, Bitter Music is a more subdued affair. On his third record, then, Wells employs his production expertise to display the subtle power and even meditative qualities latent within techno.

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[This piece was originally published on 25/04/17]