JMSN - Whatever Makes U Happy

JMSN is a man of many musical guises. Releasing his first record with his band Love Arcade in 2006, then going solo under the moniker Christian TV with a mixtape in 2010, Christian Berishaj found his latest incarnation as JMSN with the release of 2012’s Priscilla.

Moving on from Love Arcade’s punk-influenced, radio-friendly rock to Christian TV’s electro-pop, as JMSN Christian untethered himself from the constraints of his previous major-label signings to Atlantic and Motown, self-releasing Priscilla on his White Room Records label and gesturing towards a greater sense of artistic independence and authenticity. On the whole though, Priscilla was a sparse, nocturnally-inflected R&B record, heavily influenced by a Trilogy-era The Weeknd sound, and one that still displayed an artist searching for his own voice.

With the release of his latest effort as JMSN, Whatever Makes U Happy, Christian has ditched the overt references and slick production, instead creating a pared-down collection of eight tracks, all featuring his falsetto and a tight, unadorned rhythm section front-and-centre.

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[This piece was originally published on 25/04/17]