Jazzanova - The Remixes 2006 - 2016

Formed in the mid-nineties, amidst the burgeoning after-hours club scene of a post-Berlin Wall Berlin, Jazzanova is a collective of DJs and producers that have spent the last two decades shaping the cultural heritage of their city as a place capable of producing more than just austere techno. United by a mutual love of jazz and funk records, the group were instrumental in characterising the club-focused ‘nu-jazz’ sound of the late 1990s, collaborating with Munich-based label Compost Records to find fans in the likes of Gilles Peterson, who initially brought their sound to the UK.

Since their 1995 debut, Jazzanova have built a reputation not only for their DJ sets, production work, and more recently their live shows, but largely for their prolific remixing. Having reworked tracks from fellow nu-jazz pioneers 4Hero and Incognito, as well as House legends Masters of Work, the group’s appetite for a remix is seemingly insatiable, encompassing work from Brazilian jazz trio Azymuth to garage stalwart MJ Cole and even New Zealand dub band Fat Freddy’s Drop. In order to anthologise the best of their remixing work, the group have been steadily releasing compilation records since 2000, covering their finest productions from 1997 to 2006, and now with their latest ‘Jazzanova – The Remixes 2006-2016’, the group bring the series up to date.

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[This piece was originally published in Clash Magazine on 18/04/17]