Music for Dream States - An Interview with Kelly Lee Owens

Since the release of her debut single, Lucid, in 2015, Welsh producer Kelly Lee Owens has been subverting techno stereotypes. Rather than only making austere, club-focused tracks, her productions work to showcase the underlying humanity of the genre, using her ethereal falsetto to deliver compositions that traverse ambience, dance floor movement and immersion all in a manner of minutes.

Her unique use of sound has led to her being featured on producer Daniel Avery’s 2013 debut Drone Logic, as well as having her track Arthur accompany the Alexander McQueen FW16 show. With her self-titled debut LP just out, she took the time to reflect on tranquility in techno, lyricism as a response to music, and the truth in cliché.

Read the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This interview was originally published in Hero Magazine on 10/04/17]