Wayne Snow - Freedom TV

Developing a voice is a necessary and often difficult experience for many artists. Such a process can become even more challenging when the country you find yourself living in isn’t the one of your birth, and you are simultaneously searching for a sense of your own identity while others seek to define you. Such was the case for vocalist and songwriter Wayne Snow as he moved from his native Nigeria to France as a child and spent his formative years having to justify his musical experimentations, being labelled as an ‘African artist’ before those he encountered even listened to his work. Following on from this fraught experience, Snow moved to Berlin and soon found the collaborative nature of the city a welcome space for the incubation of his talent.

Not long after establishing himself in Berlin, Snow was introduced to the producer Max Graef by a mutual friend and the pair soon started working on projects together, culminating in Snow’s feature on the neo-soul, electro-minimalist track ‘Running’, taken from Graef’s 2014 debut LP, Rivers of the Red Planet. From the opening verse of ‘Running’, it is clear that with Snow’s soft falsetto and smooth phrasing and Graef’s penchant for a Dilla-style dragged rhythm and languorous synths make the pair a perfect match. Since then they have worked on two EP releases – 2014’s Red Runner and 2015’s Rosie, culminating now in the release of Snow’s debut LP, Freedom TV.

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[This piece was originally published in Clash Magazine on 03/04/17]