How Berlin's Motor City Spirit Helped Define Wayne Snow's Sound

Finding your voice is a necessary and often difficult experience for many artists. The process becomes even more fraught if others seek to define you before you’ve had the chance. Such was the case for vocalist and songwriter Wayne Snow, who spent his formative years justifying his artistic experimentation. Then he moved to Berlin and settled on the minimal soul-inflected electronics of his debut record, Freedom TV.

The LP follows on from several collaborations with producer Max Graef and two EPs – Red Runner (2014) and Rosie (2015), splicing together elements of soul, bruk, grime, house and jazz with Snow’s gentle falsetto to create a complex narrative that reflects the complexities of a displaced life. Here, Snow reflects on the importance of spontaneity, the impact his surroundings have had on his creativity, and tells us how he found the freedom to create such a self-assured debut.

Read the interview in Hero Magazine.

[This piece was originally published in Hero Magazine on 29/03/17]